Self-Storage Units: Protect Your Items With These Pointers

When you are faced with a need to get all of your belongings out of a house, you may be so excited to have a self-storage unit that you don't think very much about stacking your things inside of it. It might be such a relief to unload everything that you are eager to move along to something else. However, if you don't take the time to store your things properly, you could return to find that your things are damaged or no longer usable. Take these steps to protect your belongings when you store them.

Opt for Climate Control

If you are storing your stereo system, desktop computer or other electronics, it might not occur to you that they need any special consideration inside a self-storage unit. However, depending on the temperatures in the area during the summer, the temperature inside your unit may become uncomfortably hot. Sensitive components inside your devices can start to corrode or crack in the heat, which can cause problems for you when you're ready to use them again. To prevent this, seek out self-storage rental units in your area that offer climate control that can keep the temperature constant inside your particular unit.

Leave Doors A Bit Open

If you are putting microwave ovens, mini-fridges or full-size refrigerators into storage because you don't currently need them, it's important that they remain in tip-top shape so that they are ready to go when you want to use them again. One way to be confident about the condition you'll find them in is to leave the doors cracked a bit. Even if you've done a great job of cleaning them out, there may still be a bit of moisture left; sealing the door shut will only increase the chance of a strong mildew smell when you open the door again. In some cases that can be a fertile ground for mold as well.  Keep the doors open just a bit to avoid that.

Keep Your Belongings Off the Unit Floor

One mistake you might make when putting your items inside a self-storage unit is to put all your bags and boxes on the ground. That may seem natural, but be aware that water or other liquids could start seeping into the interior and get all over your items. Take precautions by stacking your things on top of wood pallets or concrete blocks; your rental company may offer those items.

Making time to ensure you're doing everything possible to secure your items will help you to feel better about their condition when you're ready to retrieve them. Work with a local self-storage company that can give you more ideas about how you can keep your things in good condition. For information, visit a website like