3-Phase Moving – Taking The Work Out Of Moving

When you've lived in the same home for many years, the amount of stuff that you have accumulated may shock even you. When the time comes to move, you might become overwhelmed at the thought of moving everything out of the attic, basement, garage and storage spaces within the home. So, how do you get all of that done without completely breaking down? Well, you pack in phases utilizing mobile storage services to help you get through it.

Mobile storage services drop off portable storage units at your home, leave them there for you to fill up, haul them away when you are done and store them until you are ready to have them transported to your new home and dropped off. It really can't get much better than that when you are packing up in phases.

Phase 1 – Unused Items

Those things that are stored in your attic and basement are likely not going to be missed for a while. These are the items that you want to pack up during phase 1. Have a storage unit dropped off for you to fill up with the contents of the attic. Just make sure that you have everything packed well to ensure that it all remains in good condition until you get around to unloading the unit into your new home.

Phase 2 – Not-So-Used Items

Things that won't be needed for a short while after you move into your new home can be packed up into the second storage unit. Seasonal clothing, decorations and bedding can be packed up in this unit. Think about things that you have around the house that you don't necessarily use often, like the mountain of DVDs or guest bedding and pack them away in this unit.

Phase 3 – The Last of It

All of the things that you plan to use until the day you move and immediately after you get moved into your new home should either be packed into a mobile storage unit the day of the move or directly into a moving truck.

The reason to consider using a mobile storage unit for this load is because you won't be rushed to get it all unpacked when you get to the new house. If you were to use a moving truck, you would have to hurry to get it all unloaded that day or pay an extra day on the lease. This will make it possible for you to close up the unit when you are exhausted and just don't have the energy to continue after an already busy day.

Talk with your local mobile storage companies to learn more about utilizing their services for your big move. Contact a business, such as AA All American Airborne Self-Storage, for more information.