Surveying Features of Outdoor Storage Units

Using an outdoor storage unit can be a quick and efficient way to keep your belongings out of the way without tossing everything to the curb. There are a few different single-unit options for backyard use, and there are facilities that can be rented out without requiring installation on your property. If you need an existing facility to handle your belongings, here are a few things to keep an eye out for when choosing the right storage unit.

Door Style and Cleanliness

One mainstay of the outdoor storage unit is the rolling door. Like many garage doors, this compact door is a series of rectangular plates linked with flexible bars and can be pulled down to a securing point. 

These types of doors are fine for basic storage in areas with low theft. If you just need to put a few clothes, old furniture, or other non-critical items that you'd like to have on hand at some point, storage units with these door types are often a good, low-budget option.

Unfortunately, security is a concern with these rolling-door types. The locking point relies on ground anchors and must be kept in place with bolt-type locks. These locks can be padlocks, combination locks, or any kind of lock that has a metal bar or loop.

Such security can be countered with a bolt cutter, and increasing security means buying more expensive locks. These locks can be more protective than some standard panel doors, but panel doors can be reinforced by a lock just like the rolling door. Go with an outdoor storage unit using a panel door and lock mechanism if security is a concern.

Security-Camera Footage

Security cameras are vital to outdoor storage units because of the units' exposure. Even if a storage facility is fenced in, it's still easier for a thief to casually blend in as a customer and escape to open air without a building that has fixed entrances and exits.

Not all security cameras are effective, and you'll need to make sure that the outdoor storage facility of choice has a decent camera setup. First, make sure that the cameras are actually working. This may seem like an odd thing to check to some, but many stores have cameras that simply act as deterrents but aren't being actively monitored or recorded.

In addition to making sure the cameras are actually on, confirm that you will be able to get surveillance video on media that makes sense. Accepted media should be discs (CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray) or computer storage drives such as thumb drives or USB drives. All should be accessible on Windows or Apple OSX-based computers to make viewing easy for you and to police if a crime needs to be reported.

Contact an outdoor storage units professional to discuss storage-facility features that fill your requirements.