Four Types Of Businesses You Can Run In A Storage Unit

You have probably heard of people running their businesses from self-storage units. If you are wondering how this is possible, you should know that the practice is more suitable for some businesses than others. For example, you can easily run these four businesses from a storage unit:

Art Displays and Exhibitions

If your work involves displaying or exhibiting any kind of artwork, a storage unit makes a suitable workplace for you. Paintings, photographs, and sculpting can all be perfectly displayed in storage units of suitable sizes. You can use the storage unit for permanent display or as a storage place; for the latter option, you will only need to set up the place during an exhibition. Don't forget to use a climate-controlled unit for sensitive pieces, such as paintings, which may be damaged by moisture or temperature extremes.

Photo Studio

You only need to make a few adjustments to a storage unit to make it an ideal place for a photo studio. In most cases, you will only need to install a proper backdrop and lighting fixtures to have your studio. The good news is that ambient light isn't usually much of a problem in storage units, so controlling it might not be that difficult. You can also use the same space to store your photography equipment and even display your portfolio.

Repair Technician

You can also take your trade to a self-storage unit if you are a Mr. or Mrs. Fix it. For example, if you fix watches, computers, or smartphones, you can use a storage place not only as your repair base but also for storing your tools and uncollected merchandise. That would be safer than, say, storing the items in your basement or garage, where they can experience dust or water damage. Besides, you don't want your tools and equipment to get in the way of your household's normal life.

Online Jobs

Lastly, if your work is purely online, you may also benefit from the convenience of a storage unit. Maybe you are a freelance content writer or run an eBay business; you can easily set up your computer in a storage unit and run your business from there. If you have ever tried working from home amid normal family life, you will appreciate the level of solitude that is possible in a storage unit.

There are many businesses you can run from a self-storage unit. Before you take the plunge, however, confirm that you will not be violating the facility's terms and conditions and that they have the facilities you need at the site. For example, some storage facilities provide their customers with Wi-Fi; that would be convenient for a freelance writer. Contact a storage facility like LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center for more information.