Have Heavy Equipment You Need To Store? Consider A Storage Facility For Your Storage Needs

If you own a construction business and have large pieces of equipment that you need to use every once in a while to do a job, you need to have a place to store them when they are not in use. If you do not have a garage or land at your business to use as storage for the equipment, consider renting storage units to secure the equipment into. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about storing the equipment in a storage facility.

Choose Units that Are Large Enough for the Equipment You Need to Store

Measure how large your equipment is and then measure the storage units that are available. You need to be sure that the units you rent are large enough to fit the equipment that you want to fit inside of them. Most units are not large enough to fit multiple pieces of equipment so you will more than likely have to rent a separate unit for each piece of equipment you need to store.

Choose a Month-to-Month Leasing Option

Since you do not know how long you will need to store the equipment or how many pieces you will need to store at any given time, consider doing a month-to-month lease with the storage facility. This will allow you to be sure that you can cancel one or two of the units as needed when you sell any of the equipment that you do not use frequently.

Choose a Secure Storage Facility

When you are choosing one storage facility over another storage facility, consider the security of each facility. You want to be sure to choose a facility that is fenced, has security cameras, and a secure entry. You do not want everyone and anyone to be able to gain access to the facility whenever they choose as it could create an unsafe situation.

Choose a Facility that Offers 24-Hour Access

Finally, you need to be sure to find a self storage facility that offers you the ability to access your equipment during any time of the day. Some jobs may require you to start earlier, while others may allow you to start a bit later in the day. Being able to get to the equipment anytime you need to will make getting to work when you need to easier.

Once you have taken all of these things into consideration, you will be ready to start storing your equipment right away. Be sure to have someone help you when parking the equipment in the units to ensure that you do not run into the back or sides of the unit accidentally.