Live In A Bad Area Of Town? Consider Storing Your Valuables In A Storage Facility To Keep Them Safe

When you live in an area that is prone to break ins, it is important to keep your valuables stored somewhere else to ensure that they are not stolen if someone breaks into your home. Storing the items in a self-storage facility is a great option to consider. The following guide walks you through the things you need to consider when looking for the right facility to use to store your valuables.

Choose a Facility with a Great Security System

If you want your valuables to be as safe as they can possibly be at all times, it is best to choose a facility that has a great security system in place. You want to be sure that the facility as a fence around the premises so that no one can gain access to the storage unit at night. Look for a facility that requires you to have a pin code, tag, or card to gain entry to the facility and one that has security cameras installed throughout the facility.

Choose a Lock that Requires a Key to Open It

Many people assume that any lock will work for locking the door to their storage unit, but that is not always the case. It is best to use a lock that requires a key to open it because they are harder to break open. Locks that require a code are easy to unlock, if someone knows what they are doing. Do not give anyone the key to the lock or allow them to make a copy of it either. You do not want anyone to be able to get into the unit but you.

Do Not Tell Anyone What Is Stored in the Unit

Do not make the mistake of trusting anyone with information about what is stored in your storage unit. It could get around town very quickly and serve as a temptation to a thief who is looking for an easy target. It is best to not even tell anyone that you have a unit at all.

Document What Is Stored in the Unit

If something happens while the items are stored in the unit, you need to have each item properly documented so that you can make a claim with your insurance company. Many insurance companies would like to receive information on when you started storing each item and a picture of the items to document their condition. 

Storing your belongings in a storage unit like All American Mini Storage will give you peace of mind. You will not have to worry about anyone stealing your treasures from you and will always be able to get to them when you need to.