How To Pay Less For Your Storage Unit Lease

When utilized in the best possible manner, renting a self storage unit for your personal items can actually be pretty cost effective. If you have a place to live rent free but you don't have any room for your extraneous furnishings and extra clothes, putting your things into storage is much cheaper than giving everything away and starting from scratch. If you are going to make your storage costs as low as possible, you should try these suggestions for getting a great deal on your storage unit lease terms.

Carefully Choose A Comparably Sized Storage Space

A lot of people end up renting oversized storage units because they believe that they can make use of the extra room. Ideally, your unit should be big enough to put what you want into storage, but if there are many square feet of extra room, you're essentially just paying for air. Remember that it is possible for you to secure another self storage unit very close to where your belongings are if you do end up needing additional square footage in the future.

Choosing Insurance Coverage For Your Storage Unit

Although it is not suggest that you go without insurance on your personal items in self storage, you may be able to keep your monthly charges down by declining protection. Ultimately, you have to decide if paying a slightly lower monthly fee is worth forgoing storage unit insurance. You may feel more comfortable renting at a self storage location that has security cameras and security guards on patrol so there is a lesser chance of your storage unit being burglarized.

Moving Out By The End Of The Month

For the most part, self storage unit terms run from the beginning to the end of the month. There are some discounts that may enable you to get your first month of rent prorated, but you can expect to be charged for the entire month each and every month after that. The best means of getting the full value out of your storage space is to figure out when you are going to move in, and then determine which day as close to the end of the month as possible you are going to move out.

Some storage space companies give new customers incredible discounts for signing a long term contract or even just for agreeing to try out their services for the first month. Find the best priced self storage unit by comparing lease terms, insurance coverage fees, and the total cost for each different sized storage unit.