Different Types Of Ocean Containers You Can Use For Shipping

If you have a product that your company produces that you need to ship overseas, one of the most cost-effective ways of shipping materials to other countries is through the use of ocean shipping containers. When it comes to using ocean containers, you want to make sure you choose the right container for your goods.

Ocean Container #1:  Standard Container

First, you can rent a standard container. A standard container looks like the storage container you would see on the back of a truck. A standard container has a roof, four walls, and a floor. A standard container is a strong and rigid unit. Generally, you can only open one end of this type of container.

A standard shipping container is great for a wide variety of different types of cargo. You can transport all sorts of types of dry cargo in a standard shipping container. You can ship things that are boxed and bagged up. You can ship pallets and bales of products.

This type of container comes in a variety of sizes. If you have really heavy items to ship, it is best to use a smaller container. If you have really tall products to ship, get one of the larger containers. If you have items to ship that need to be hanged, get a special container made for shipping garments.

Ocean Container #2: Hardtop Container

Next, you can get a hardtop container. A hardtop container has a floor, four walls, and a roof like a standard container. However, unlike a standard container, with a hardtop container, the steel roof on the top can be lifted and removed. This makes it easier to lift in heavy pallets and goods with a crane. If you have big pallets to load into a container, a hardtop container may be the best fit. These containers are great for goods with a lot of weight and size.

Ocean Container #3: Flat Rack Containers

You can also rent a flat rack container. A flat rock container has a floor and generally has two walls on the shorter end of the container. It is lacking walls on the two long sides of the container, and it doesn't have a roof.

These types of containers are typically used to transport bulky or oversized items. If you have something to ship that is oversize, and will not fit on a typical container, a flat rack container is the best option.

If you are not sure what the best shipping container is for your situation, the experts at your local ocean container business will be able to help you pick the right container if you provide them with information about what you are shipping, how it will be packaged, and its overall weight. Reach out to a company like Sundance Storage Solutions to get started.