Need to Store Your Musical Instruments? How to Get Them Ready for a Storage Unit

If you have musical instruments that you can't keep in your home but you don't want to get rid of the instruments, you can rent a storage unit for the musical instruments. You are not going to want to just place the instruments in the storage unit; you will want to prepare the instruments so that they don't get damaged while in storage.

Preparing the Storage Unit

When you are storing something as valuable as instruments, you want to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. With climate-controlled storage, you can control both the temperature and humidity of the space and keep the room more like a home inside of your house. Climate-controlled storage units are better insulated than traditional storage units as well. It costs a little extra to rent a climate-controlled storage unit, but it is worth it to keep valuable items safe. 

A storage unit is basically a blank box for you to work with. You don't want to set your instruments and other valuables on the floor. Instead, purchase some shelving units and place them inside. This will allow you to safely store your items off the floor, helping to further preserve their integrity. 

Be sure to also invest in a solid lock for the storage unit, to keep your items safe. 

Type of Instruments

Drum Set

With a drum set, you are going to want to start by carefully cleaning all the parts. This includes parts such as the stands, cymbals, and hardware, not just the larger components. You are going to want to remove all built-up dust and dirt on the drum set.

Next, once they are clean, if you have cases for your drums, you will want to put them inside the cases. If you don't have cases for your drum components, purchase boxes that will fit the individual pieces. Cover each piece with a heavy cloth to protect it from dust. 

Brass Instruments

Brass instruments include instruments such as tubas, trombones, and trumpets. The majority of the instruments are made from brass, even if a few parts of the instrument are also made from felt, cork, or rubber.

You are going to want to clean the outside of the unit. You will then want to take your brass instruments to a professional cleaner to get them deep cleaner. A professional cleaner will be able to remove all the moisture inside of your brass instruments that could result in corrosion over time.

Once the instrument has been professionally cleaned, put the instrument back into its case. Whatever you do, don't wrap it up in plastic; this will damage the silver plating on the instrument.

Stringed Instruments

With stringed instruments, you will want to use a soft cloth to clean the instrument's wood surface. Then, you are going to want to loosen up the strings on the instrument. This will keep the strings from getting damaged. Place the instrument inside of a soft case. Use a climate-controlled storage unit to keep the wood on your string instruments from warping.

When it comes to storing musical instruments, you will want to carefully clean the instrument and put it inside of its case. Be sure to rent a climate-controlled storage unit to keep your instruments safe, and install shelving in the unit to make it easier to store your valuables. Be sure to also invest in a high-quality lock to keep everything safe. Talk to a storage facility to find the right storage unit