Conquer Clutter By Storing Common Household Items In A Private Storage Unit

Nearly every household will eventually experience the problem of clutter overload. You have good intentions about keeping your belongings neat and organized and then one day you are faced with closets that are overflowing or worse yet an entire room of your home that is now labeled the junk room. Renting a private storage unit is one of the most effective ways to clear out clutter and reclaim the valuable space and square footage in your home.


Paperwork is one of the most common items that create a lot of clutter in the home. Old tax returns, bank statements, and other important papers can pile up fast over the course of a year. When you rent a private storage unit, you will have plenty of space to keep your paperwork safely stored in case you need it.

Seasonal decorations

Used only for a few weeks each year, seasonal decorating items can take up an entire closet in your home depending on how many you have collected over the years. It simply makes sense to store them away from the home since they are only used for a short period of time. You should store them in the front of your storage unit in labeled or color-coded containers so you can get to them easily.

Clothing and accessories

For large families, having clothing for the various seasons can make it difficult to find enough space to store them in the home. You only have so much dresser and closet space, and you want to keep it free for the clothing you are wearing now. A storage rental unit makes it easy to store bulky clothing items, such as winter coats, ski suits, and snow pants.


If you collect numerous items, it is impossible to display every piece in your home. A private storage unit gives you a safe place to keep your favorite collectibles. You can display several items and keep the rest in your storage unit and simply swap items when you are ready for a change.

Deciding to rent a storage unit is a wise investment in keeping your home neat and organized. You can still have easy access to items when you need them without them cluttering up your closets, garage, or the rooms in your home. A private storage unit will protect those items you cannot get rid of but have no place to store at home.

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